Productive Thursday is Productive

Coffee shop sketching every Thursdays is good.

Earlier today, my friend John was talking about how I tend to draw things that aren’t really what I like. He made me realize that even if I’m a big fan of monsters and other nightmarish creatures, I tend to draw superheroes a lot more. Truth is, he has a very good point, and that made me see things clearly.

Back when I was a little young boy, I used to draw all sorts of monsters (well, aside from X-Men). There was this time in my life when I started to get really interested into the darker side of things, and that affected my art. I remember drawing Black Sabbath album covers, flying toothed creatures, horned beings, a lot of skulls, Spawn and anything related to Spawn, and grim and unworldly things. I remember showing it off to my friends and that my religion teacher back then talked to me and asked if I have problems at home. I guess I was happy.

Thing is, I think the best way for you to improve your art, or have fun in doing your art, is to draw or work on things that you like. Not things that you find cool after picking it up then lose interest after a while. Things that will make you crave for more, things that you dream of, things that you find fascinating, things that you love reading or drawing or looking at. And i think if that’s what you will work on, you won’t need to force yourself in doing it.

Well, at least that’s what I think.


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